Express Guide to Upcoming Payment Events

The one and only global event dedicated
to commercial cards and payments is slated for September 12th and 13th in New York City.

The Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit will attract more than 170 attendees, with 80% senior level decision-makers from more than 75 organizations.

NOTE:  Special Pricing Ends July 14th.

The Summit offers a forum to . . . 


Payment Events Covering All Payment Methods Including e Payment


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US is an express guide to payment events offering the best of upcoming events for payment industry professionals.

Areas of focus include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, ATMs as well as the emerging technologies including digital payments, mobile payments, EMV, NFC. and wearable payments, online bill payments, e payments and other payments methods.

Security areas include cyber security, form factor/device security and tokenization/encryption.

Biometric areas include facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice recognition. carefully selects the conferences for relevance to the domestic and global payments business.