If You Are Retail Then Get Omnichannel In:fluenced in Minneapolis

By Robert Cardworthy, Editor-in-Chief, PYVNTS.com

Consumer shopping habits are rapidly changing the retail industry. The top priorities in retailing today are creating engaged digital relationships and streamlining the path to purchase, wherever the shopper would like to buy.

SPS In:fluence 2017 will draw more than 900 attendees from over 175 companies and is a premier retail conference.

The event is set for May 1-3 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Consumer shopping habits are changing the retail industry. The top priorities in retailing are creating engaged digital relationships and streamlining the path to purchase, wherever the shopper would like to buy. This era of digital retailing is built on retailers and their suppliers collaborating across the supply chain to ensure consumer’s delight. In a lively, dynamic and collaborative setting, SPS In:fluence 2017 brings together executives from all aspects of the retail industry to ensure you can capitalize on this profound new era of digital retailing.

Featured Speakers:

**Colonel Chris Hadfield, Astronaut | First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station (2013)

**Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst | Forrester Research

**Archie Black. President and CEO | SPS Commerce

**Jim Frome, EVP, COO | SPS Commerce

**Stephen Chase, IT Director of Applications Development – Brookstone

**Bill Gibson, CEO – Deposco

**Sage Kuttler, Senior Category Manager – Callaway Golf


Integrated Omnichannel Retailing: The Only Way To Win

Archie Black, CEO of SPS Commerce, will share the facts about the state of retailing in an Omnichannel world and the real keys to success for retailers, suppliers and their partners in 2017 and beyond. Retailers and suppliers are in a busy trying to find the best way to win in a consumer-driven omnichannel world. Pete Zaballos, CMO, will break it down and demonstrate how Orchestrated Retailing will drive success in the future.

Special Day Sessions

***Analytics User Group

The point-of-sale Analytics User Group is a three-hour session focused on helping suppliers achieve significant business results with SPS Analytics. During this complimentary forum, you’ll learn best practices from industry experts and customers on how to gain visibility across all channels, especially online and direct-to-consumer product performance, and hear the latest trends to compete in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape. This is an open session for all attendees.

***Customer Success Session 1

Enhance efficiencies in your supply chain by leveraging your trading partner relationships to streamline communication efforts, increase visibility and eliminate redundancy. In this working session, led by a team of SPS customer success strategists, we’ll review real-world examples to:

Automate common order management models and their associated documents
• Invest in resources to operationalize change management
• Capitalize on supplier expertise to fulfill regulatory compliance objectives
Extend EDI investments by introducing next generation documents to support expanded supply chain optimization

***Customer Success Session 2

Optimize your trading partner relationships by leveraging established best practices and engagement techniques. In this working session, led by the SPS customer success management team, we’ll highlight strategies you can immediately implement to drive increased business partnerships. Audience participation is encouraged to help drive the conversation forward.

See You There!!!


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